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Take One Day At A Time

Each today, well-lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and each tomorrow
a vision of hope. Look, therefore, to this one day, for it and it alone is life.
Kalidasa, Ushavandanam
Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the
mind on the present moment.
Gautama Buddha

So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough troubles of its own.
Matthew 6:34

You are either in the past or in the future - both are non-existent. You can`t do anything with the past, nor with the future. All that you can do is with the present, and if you are engaged somewhere else, it simply slips by and you have missed the train.

With the past, i have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. Amazing Quotes StoriesLovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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