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Thank you God for the Lovely spark In My Life...

Where is the real power in life? We live. We achieve many things. Experience many things. And yet life does not appear so simple, does it?

Our lives can appear to always be so tangled up. Often entangled with many other lives through our associations in life. And from the results of our actions in life – at home, at work, with our job or occupation. And also in our leisurely pursuits, in our play.

We have our talents fueled by our own motivation. Our confidence in our own strengths lends us much support in our ventures. Our discipline and behavior come from our positive demeanor and the way we feel about ourselves. We look after ourselves and this is evident in our healthy self esteem and self image. All in all a lot our lives are determined by our own attitudes and how we handle the precious commodity we call life on a day to day basis.

That spark which is us is there for us. And throughout our lives. Our real task is to water it, cherish it, allow it to support us in our ventures. Without it we become a shadow of our true selves.

But all is not lost. Our spark of life, that true power within, is on one of life’s greatest gifts. Experience that. Use it to realize your full potential. Fulfill your life. Live from that and see how our life can blossom as we move forward to claim our rightful place in life.
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