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The Taurus Man

All About Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus man – 20 April – 21 May

A very cautious man is how I would describe a Taurus male. He is a levelheaded person, who likes to think over everything before making a decision. His calm and composed demeanor conceals a fertile and active mind. One of the most industrious of zodiac signs, a Taurus man believes in himself and his ability to achieve everything with hard work.
Although patient most of the times, he can get quite stubborn if provoked. Make sure you don’t rub him the wrong way and you will have the most patient and understanding man. Here’s a male who understands his role as the head of the family and will do everything in his power to provide for the well being of his loved ones. Trust him implicitly and you will get his trust and loyalty in return… for life.

How can you identify a Taurus man in a crowd?
It is easy to spot a Taurus man in a crowd as he is extremely animated in conversation and discussion. He will always try to dominate with his views, leaving very little room for suggestions or opinions from others. He has a hovering eye… checking out things and people.
Broadly speaking there are two types of Taurus men: 70% of them aggressive and 30% passive.
A Taurus man is extremely flirtatious and not shy to strike conversations with strangers particularly with women.
While dressing up he prefers to stick to classics… you will usually find him in Polo tees, checked or striped shirts and in bright solid colours like orange. Although there’s nothing loud in his style, he definitely makes a classic statement with them. The way he dresses up and carries himself evokes a natural respect for this gentleman.
What are the general personality traits of a Taurus man?
The Taurus male excels in the role of a provider. He is a thoroughbred family man with a bachelor’s heart. Confused? Well, here comes the explanation. His list of wants isn’t too long. He would want things for himself and his family that are necessary to make life comfortable. Luxuries can wait. Of course the definition of luxury depends on his social status too. But overall you won’t find a Taurean who is pining for opulence.
No matter how settled he is in his family life, the bachelor in him will often peep out and make himself obvious. He enjoys the bouts of beer at the sports bar with his cronies. You may also catch him flirting harmlessly with his female colleagues. He will stay in touch with his college friends and probably do all the things he did in ‘the days of yore’ like clubbing, playing snooker and watching football matches with them. But come dinner time and he will amble home for a warm meal and a good night’s sleep.
Although a Taurus man is most of the times driven by his emotions and is also sentimental, he is level headed enough to be realistic in his approach towards life. He manages to keep a clear head, thanks to his pragmatic way of thinking. He also prefers to be a leader, which makes him a good entrepreneur.

What are the finer traits of his personality?
A Taurus man is romantic in a truly bookish sense. He is your knight in shining armour who would take delight in surprising you with gifts and flowers. Nothing pleases him more than clambering over to his girlfriend’s balcony at midnight with a pastry in hand to wish her a happy birthday. When in love or out of it, he will write poems and sing songs. He is slow to fall in love, but once in love he will woo you with the most romantic ideas. And yes, this one is a stickler for remembering dates… from your first movie together to your last fight, he will remember everything.
A Taurus man is known to be reliable and dependable. You can trust him with your darkest secret. But don’t forget that he likes to gossip too… so let the secrets you share with him be less meaty otherwise he would be tempted to share it with the world. But on the whole, when it comes to work, duties and responsibilities, he is extremely dependable.
While dating him you should…
… be ultra feminine. He likes those knick knacks you carry in your handbag, as also your silk scarf and diamond studs. While other males will size up a girl with a sweeping glance, the typical Taurean will take delight in details. So be sure you are well groomed on your date with him. Nothing will miss his discerning eye… not even the subtle shade of your lip gloss.
Dress up elegantly, wear mild perfume and carry accessories that make a statement. Club these personal charms with good food, warm ambience and stimulating conversation and your Taurus date will be enchanted.
One aspect of the Taurus male that comes across rather strongly is his sensuality. You can’t miss it while dating him. He is extremely manly and his masculinity will be seen in the way he carries himself and takes charge of the situation. If you are meeting him at a restaurant or coffee shop, don’t jump the line and place the orders. He wouldn’t like that at all. He’s the man here and you better not forget it.

How is he when in love?
Let me tell you what he looks for in his life partner - a lady! Yes, a Taurus man wants his girlfriend or wife to be a complete lady, in every sense of the term. He would prefer a home maker who is also an excellent cook. Given his love for food and eye for detail, he would want a well set table to welcome him after a hard day at work. While he can be indulgent enough to accept undercooked pasta and overcooked spaghetti occasionally, you dare not make it a habit. Like I mentioned earlier, he is extremely critical of food and your culinary skills will be forever put to test. Here’s a good piece of advice… cook food like his mother used to make and your man will be as pleased as punch.
With his penchant for hard work, a Taurus man likes to chill out at home. On his day off you will usually find him lazing around and hence he needs a partner who understands his need to rest. He looks for complete support and trust in his better half and is equally willing to give it to her too. He takes his responsibility seriously of taking his spouse/ partner for dinner and movie outings in appreciation of what she puts into the relationship. Also is generous and extremely verbal with compliments when due.
As a home maker, he will expect his wife to keep a good house for him… one that is clean and warm and a welcoming place for him, his family and his select group of friends.

How does he handle money matters?
Most Taurus men are sincere and hardworking and for them money is a byproduct of hard work and hence very dear to them. If he has access to considerable amount of money or if he has had a windfall, a Taurus male will be generous with his spending. Similarly, in moderate or bad times he would turn extremely conservative and cautious with it. Taurus men are extremely good at managing finances and you can trust them to keep some extra bucks tucked away somewhere for the proverbial rainy day.
With money the Taurus man is farsighted; he likes to save first and spend later. He will plan for his future as well as that of his family. His ideas about money tend to get conservative here and he would give similar advice to others too. The fear of being dependent on others in old age is another reason why the Taurus male wants to be backed by a strong bank balance.

How is a Taurus male on the professional front?
At work, a Taurus man is extremely aggressive and competitive. He is an achiever who carries in his head a go-getter attitude. He is also creative, sincere and hardworking. So if you are looking forward to working with a Taurus man, be sure you imbibe these qualities in you too. Remember, he likes to have what he gives to the world. At work you will find him to be extremely meticulous and detailed. And when it comes to rewarding sincere efforts, he is not one to keep a tight hand.

Compatibility quotient:
Which sun sign can match up to the stubbornness of the bull? And which sun sign is smart enough to appreciate the qualities of the home loving Taurean? It is strange how one weak point in a man can outweigh his good qualities. But a discerning eye and a loving heart is all that counts to make two people compatible. With the Taurean good sense and love for security, it would be quite a treat for the ladies on the zodiac to be with a man who knows what a true lady is.
Taurus man and…
Aries woman: 7/10. Essentially these two have disparate qualities. He is too home bound and intense, while she is too outgoing and free spirited. But if both are able to adjust with each other, this relationship can work out pretty well. Having said that, given the fact that 50% Aries Women are submissive and easy going, this could be worth exploring.
Taurus woman: 8/10. This relationship is bound to be lovable and sensuous. However, both are stubborn. Being a man, the Taurus male’s stubbornness can take an upper hand, but if he learns to control it both the Taureans can be compatible together.
Gemini woman: 8/10. Again a great combination… but one that will blossom only after some adjustments. It would be important for the Taurus guy to give his Gemini partner ample space and freedom. He in turn can be an anchor to her vivacious mind.
Cancer woman: 9/10. Although I don’t want to use this term, it is unavoidable here… these two are made for each other. She is mysterious and entrancing and he is loving and caring. He has the ability to give her a secure life, while she is capable of being a perfect woman for him.
Leo woman: 7/10. This can be a relationship that’s full of spark… and sometimes fireworks. Once the Leo girl gets used to the Taurean ‘I wear the trousers’ attitude and the Taurus guy accepts her extrovert nature, it would be a joyride for both. She will have to be more patient with him and he will have to show more understanding to avoid conflicts.
Virgo woman: 8/10. Another relationship that is likely to work wonders. The Virgo girl meets her match emotionally in the Taurean guy. Also he has the right amount of passion to influence her. She is feminine enough to suit his taste and he will be happy looking after her and her womanly needs.
Libra woman: 6/10. The basic interests of these two might clash. While the Libra girl will like his sensitive and sentimental nature, she will be put off with his possessiveness. The Taurus guy, on the other hand, will find her need to be with friends intriguing and disconcerting.
Scorpio woman: 5/10. These two are too similar to each other… especially on negative points. Both are stubborn, wanting to take the upper hand and possessive. Lot of compromises would be required at both ends to make this a happy relationship. This relationship to start with could have major sparks and seem like it is going somewhere, but where is usually unknown till both learn to adjust.
Sagittarius woman: 4/10: The Sagittarian girl will not like his bossiness as she dislikes taking orders from anyone. As she loves her freedom too much, she will definitely not appreciate his possessiveness. He is way too inflexible to suit the taste of the swaying Sagittarian.
Capricorn woman: 9/10: Her femininity is sure to attract him. The Capricorn girl is responsible enough to take up the role of the woman of the house, while she would thoroughly enjoy being looked after by her man… something the Taurus male loves to do.
Aquarius woman: 6/10: The compatibility quotient between these two is quite low. His conservative thinking can clash with her unconventional ways. In case of disagreements, it would be difficult to mend matters as both are willful and unbending.
Pisces woman: 9/10: This combination will work as both can balance each other beautifully. He is sensitive enough to handle her hyper-sensitivity, while she is romantic enough to deal with his sensuousness.

Taurus men celebrities/personalities:
David Beckham
George Clooney
Pierce Brosnan
Al Pacino
Sachin Tendulkar
Sri Sri Ravishankar

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