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The Two Headed Bird

The Two Headed Bird

There once lived a bird with two heads. Each of the head takes rest while the other stay awake and stay on guard. One of the head was very fond of sleeping, therefore it was often that the other head had to stay awake and on guard. When it is time for meal, the waking head would wake the sleepy head to eat together, then after eating, the sleepy head will continue to sleep again. The waking head also did not mind the situation.

One day the waking head says, "Hey, i am tired and want to sleep, so you will be the one on guard!" When the waking head was deep in his sleep, suddenly through the gust of wind, a fresh juicy fruit rolled down up from above towards the two-headed bird.Seeing that the waking head had slept very soundly, the sleepy head felt hestitation to wake him up, the sleeping head thought, even though if he eat the fruit alone, the waking head would also enjoy it.

Finally, the sleepy head had finished eating the fresh juicy fruit. Suddenly the waking head woke up from his sleep and, "Eeeekh! What food have you eaten? Why did the burp have good smell?" So the sleepy head replied, "A very juicy fruit. I hestitated disturbing your sleep, so i ate it alone." The waking head seemed irritated and said, "For such a tasty fruit, why did not you wake me up to enjoy it together? Fine, one day i shall revenge on this!"

Few weeks have passed, "Today you may rest, let me be on the guard!" said the waking head. Suddenly there came again another fruit blown by the wind towards the two-headed bird. But he was aware that the fruit was of a poisonous kind, an evil thought sparked in his mind, "I shall eat this fruit. Even if it kills, let us both die!" With heart full of hatred he consumed the poisonous fruit!

When we harm others, we are actually harming ourselves too, for in deeper reality, we are not separated and is one. Harming oneself also means harming others too!!!
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