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The Violin Player

*The Violin Player*

It happened in Paris, in a centric street although secondary. This man,dirty and smelly, played an old violin. Before him and on the floor he placed his beret, with the hope that the passers-by had pity of his condition and threw some coins to take home.

The poor man tried to bring forth a melody, but it was impossible to identify it at all due to the out of tune of the instrument, and the unpleasant and boring way he played that violin.

A famous concert performer, who along with his wife and some friends was coming out of a nearby theatre, passed in front of the musical beggar.


All wrinkled the face to hear those so discordant sounds. And could not help but laugh heartedly.

The wife asked the concert performer to play something. The man took a look at the few coins inside the beret, and decided to do something.



He requested the violin. And the musical beggar lent it with certain reticence. At first the concert performer did was to tune its strings. And then, vigorously and with great mastery he drew a fascinating melody from the old instrument.


His friends started to applaud and the passers-by started to gather around to see the improvised spectacle. After listening to the music, people of the nearby main street came too and soon there was a small multitude listening in rapture to the strange concert.



The beret got full not only of coins, but of many bills of all denominations, while the maestro played melody after melody, with so much joy.



The musical beggar was even happier to see what was going on, and did not cease to jump up and down in joy and proudly reaping to all, "That is my violin!!, That is my violin!!". Which is, of course, rigorously true.



In life we all have "a violin". It is our knowledge, our abilities and our attitudes. And we have the absolute freedom to play "that violin" as we please.



It was said to us that God concede upon us free will, say, the faculty to decide what we will do with our life. And this, of course, is both a marvellous right, as well as, a formidable responsibility.


Some, by laziness, not even tune that violin. They do not perceive that in the present world you have to prepare yourself, learn, develop abilities and constantly improve attitudes if we want to perform a good concert.


They want a beret full of money, and what they deliver is a discordant melody that nobody likes. That is the people who do their job in the form, "here it goes... " Who think in terms of "it costs me...", and that believe that humanity has an obligation to pay for their bad performance, covering all their needs.



It is the people that think only of their rights, but feel no obligation to own them. Truth, as harsh as it may seem to us, is otherwise. You and I, and any other person, have to learn sooner or later, that the best places are for those that not only tune well that violin, but who learn over time to play it with mastery too.


That is why we are willing to do well in our daily job, whatever it may be. And to always aspire to prepare ourselves to be able to accomplish other things we would like.


History is full of examples of people that even with initial difficulties became good concert performers with their violins (their lives).


And also, unfortunately, it registers cases of many others, that having great opportunities, decided with that violin, to become music beggars.


*The truth is that God bestowed upon us "free wi**ll". You can do something great with your life, or make of it a misery. That is your personal decision.*

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