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The little boy and friendship

There was little boy who thought that friends are meant for each other. There was nothing mine and yours in friendship. Whatever they had was theirs ,and not mine and yours.

As he grew up, he was shocked to realize that was not true. The shock was an inner one as it did not appear in his outer characteristics. He had started to accept the fact that most people made friends so that they can share and talk ideas when there were less important things to do. First my security and power, thereafter the thing called friendship, seemingly prevailed widely.

This led him to the question of adopting to this widely accepted way of life, or to carry on with the inner feeling he had. The first one seemed more comfortable as it fitted with what most were doing. The other had it's own dangers and insecurities.

He decided for the later one, regardless of it's dangers and insecurities. Despite the difficulties he had to face for this selfless thinking, the feeling grew from friends to human beings and living beings. All the difficulties only made his soul stronger and he could feel and invisible force coming in forms of stories, words, incidents. The invisible force than could be felt subtly and in various forms a mind can conceive.

He knew that he had something which is sadly with so less people in the world. At the same time his presence was bringing about a change in people around.Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You


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