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To love and being loved

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Every single soul that dwells this world has the same reason for being alive; to love and being loved.
Perhaps, that is the reason why we spend most of our lifetimes searching for the true love that we hope for.
We step forward with the hope to find the love is up ahead, and we tend to forget the one who pushes us ahead, the one who accompanies us along the way, and the one who supports us to make it through untill the very end.
We are just being too blind to see that God already sent us the true love that we are searching for, where?
The hands of a person that hold you now and then.
God spreads His never-ending love across human beings, and we as His servant, we just have to open our eyes widely to see who keeps that love for us.
Love in friendship, love in relationship and love in family. Apparently, the true love that we are dying to search for is just next to us.
Once we’ve found the one who holds the true love that we are searching for, never ever let them go.

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