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True Education..

"I am not a coolie (Porter), but a student,"John replied curtly, when an old man asked him to help carry his suitcase.

Pranit, watching the entire scene, came closer and quietly helped the old man.

He then turned to John and said, "John, I would like to tell you something which happened to Albert Schweitzer, a Nobel peace prize winner, who was a highly educated man."

"He was a German who could have got any job he wanted but he chose to live in Africa as he felt people needed him the most there.

Once, he was building a cabin for which he needed logs of wood. He was carrying it himself and asked a young African youth for some help. The young man arrogantly replied,
'I am educated – I don't do this type of work.'

"Dr Schweitzer smiled and replied, 'Young man, if this is what education means, I certainly don't want to ever get educated.'

John blushed, understanding his folly.

Apply it: Treat all work as worthy of respect.
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