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Try to reach to the ultimate YES

Sri Trilinga Swami

Sri Trilinga Swami of Benares, born in Andhra Desa, lived some fifty years ago. He lived for 280 years. He made his Tapas in Manasarovar, Tibet. Once Ramakrishna Paramahamsa also saw him at Benares.

From "Kundalini Yoga" by Sri Swami Sivananda

Trailinga Swami was a great devotee.

He closed his door and sat inside for three days.

One of his devotees was standing outside the door and wondered, "What's going on here ?"

He went and knocked on the door.

Trailinga Swami asked , "Who's there?"

He replied , "I am , Guruji, I am."

Trailinga Swami did not make any move at all. He sat silently in his room.

The disciple was thinking, "What happened to my Guru ? He is sitting inside. Before he was always happy to see me, and now he is not replying at all."

He sat outside and began to think, "What happened to the Guru?"

The next day he came again and knocked on the door.

Trailinga Swami said ,"Who is there?"

The disciple once again replied, "I am, Guruji."

Trailinga Swami kept silent.

All the day and all the night, the Guru did not open the door, and the disciple sat outside. The disciple sat through the whole night wondering why the Guru didn't open the door.

On the third day he went and knocked on the door. Guruji asked, "Who's there?"

The disciple replied,"You are."

And the Guru opened the door.

Pilot Baba

"Drop everything that has come from outside. Throw it out.
Suddenly you will find your mind is giving way into no-mind.
You have only to drop the rubbish. Your body is only a temple.
Your subjectivity - is a silent , peaceful, just an empty space - is the very source you have come from and is the very goal - are going towards.
When the source and the goal meet, you are enlightened . The whole circle , the whole piligrimage is complete."

"One birth is given by your parents. Another birth you have to manage by yourself.
The first birth is going to end up in death. The second birth is the beginning of ETERNITY -
no death - no end - no beginning."

"Remember that only individuals have ever become enlightened.

Others have become a part of a crowd as a Hindu, as a Christian, as a Muslim.
Crowds never become enlightened. Only individuals.
Only those people who have guts and courage to be alone - are capable of stopping the movement of the mind  and can settle into their inner innocence.

The deeper you go within yourself the purer the sources of consciousness that you will find.
When you reach to the very centre of your being,  you have reached to the center of the Universe.
Then blossoms wisdom, you become a sage - a Realised one ."

"Truth of life cannot be " NO ", neither can it be the ultimatel goal.
Because creation does not exist in "NO" but exists in "YES."
Because the flow of the life is in "YES."
To live with "YES" (Sanyasa) means that one is ready to dissolve into the existence, that the dew drop is ready to drop into the ocean.
But the moment the dew drop drops into the ocean, it also becomes the ocean.
Go beyond "NO" try to reach to the ultimate "YES."
Knowledge is quantity. Wisdom is not quantity - it is quality.
Knowledge is intellectual Wisdom is intelligence. Knowledge can be quantified - you can measure it - B.A, M.A, Ist Div, II Div. etc.
But Wisdom cannot be quantified - there is no way to measure it, it is eternal."

- Pilot Baba

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