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What Is Happiness?

Love and compassion lead the way.

Happiness, nirvana, or moksha is freedom from suffering, from negative emotion, from the serfdom of ignorance. This is the concept of Dharma, especially in Indian philosophy, where liberation from ignorance—happiness—is the goal. All beings are equal in the sense that all, including animals, have a right to be happy.

People believe that economic difficulties, illiteracy, and ill health lead to unhappiness. They pay a lot of attention to material development. However, even in the developed countries of the West, people are experiencing loneliness, anxiety, and fear deep inside, often due to greed, discontent, and mental unrest. Neither money nor technology can help to develop inner peace, which requires the right kind of mental attitude. The problems are caused by human intelligence, and we must find the answer also within human intelligence.

Today, scientists inform us that increased movements in certain parts of the brain are positive. Soon people will realize that inner tranquility is based on a more open mind and heart, a sense of concern toward all humanity as one entity. With such a concept, to achieve our own happiness we have to respect the rights of others to be happy. This may seem idealistic, but human history has shown us that many things that have looked unrealistic as a blueprint have worked out eventually.

We want happiness, the happiness that comes from within us—inexpensive isn’t it? A happiness and peace that nobody can destroy, steal, or take away. This inner peace is most precious. The basis of inner peace is love and compassion

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