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Who is superior God or a Teacher ?????

King Akbar once asked his courtiers "Give me one instance where I am superior than God", all kept their heads down, and could not answer, Ultimately the wise Birbal raised his hand and answered " Your Honor, you can take God out of your Kingdom, but God cannod do that, As the whole universe is his " all looked upon Birbal as a wise Guru, Teacher and a respected personality in those days.

If God and the teacher (guru) are standing together, who does the student salute first? According to Indian culture, the answer is the teacher, because without his direction and help, the student could not have met God.
A mentor or a teacher is a person whose hindsight can become your foresight. Look for someone who can accept you as a mentee or a student. Choose your mentor carefully. A good one will guide and give direction; a bad one will misguide. Show respect. Be an interested student. Teachers like interested students.

The best teachers will not give you something to drink, they will make you thirsty. They will put you on a path to seek answers.

There is a story about a king in ancient times who wanted to honor a person that made the greatest contri¬bution to society. All kinds of people came, including doctors and entrepreneurs, and they all presented their case for receiving the honor. The king wasn't impressed. Finally an elderly person with a glow on his face walked in and said he was a teacher. The king came down from his throne and bowed to honor the teacher. It is the teacher who makes the highest contribution in shaping the future of society

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