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Winner Or Loser

It is better to overcome yourself than to win a
thousand battles.

Then the victory is yours.
It cannot be taken from you, not by angels
or by demons, heaven or hell.

Gautama Buddha

Only a man who knows
what it is like to be
defeated can reach down
to the bottom of his soul
and come up with the
extra ounce of power
it takes to win when
the match is even.

Muhammad Ali

Don't let a win get to
your head, or a loss
to your heart.

Chuck D

Forget about winning
and losing, forget about
pride and pain.

Bruce Lee


You can't win 'til you're
not afraid to lose.

Bon Jovi


Win as if you were used
to it, lose as if you
enjoyed it for a change.

Ralph W Emerson

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