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Your Light In The World

Are you aware of the effect and influence you have on others that you meet each day?

Have you stopped to contemplate how your mood, your humor, your attitude, or your frame of mind touches those you meet?

Does your each encounter bring an expression of warmth or indifference in your being? Does your each experience bring fervor and passion or apathy about your way of life?

You do impact the lives of those around you. You do have a scope of persuasion in your living.

Don't you want to create an atmosphere around yourself that will be uplifting and inspiring?

The pace of modern life tends to isolate us from each other, but the contacts you share remain significant. You absorb the energy, attitude, and disposition of those close to you. Some even change, after the briefest encounters. Everything you do or say has the potential to affect the individuals you live, work, and play with.

Be mindful of the impact you might have on another life.
Accept and understand that your attitudes and choices will affect others. So, be graceful and grateful at all times. Seek to be friendly, helpful, and responsive to those in need. Be your very best, for someone is ready to mimic your every move.

A smile can brighten the day of someone walking in gloom.
A simple greeting can enforce the understanding that one is appreciated. Stopping to spend a few moments with someone will earn you respect in their eyes.

A small gesture of kindness could lighten a heavy heart.
Words of approval can increase the confidence of one floundering in doubt. A word of advice could help another see the world in an entirely new light.

Have a kind heart. Be true to yourself.
Keep a positive outlook on things of the world. Remember that God is in control. You are his hands and feet in a cold an embittered world. You can make a difference to others by emulating your Savior.

Project your passion for life, your kindness to others, your love for God and mankind.
Every person you contact within your circle of influence will feel your peace, your caring, and your love. Know this and go out and make this a better world for all of us to live in.

Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You


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