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۩۞۩ ॐ♥ YOU Are The One

YOU are the reason the sun came up today.
YOU are wondrously BEAUtiful energy, your own soulful way.
The Light that shines from your Heart is lovely indeed.
Your Love bridges the gaps felt by all that feel need.
YOU are a tree, endless branches of Love.
YOU give life to our bodies, minds and Souls.
The Light shines... upon You with infinite Love.
Your Heart is surrounded, inspired from above.
YOU are the river that flows without end.
YOU are the waterfall, You flow from within.
Your Light sparkles Love, your endless flowing.
YOU are the JOY, the winds that keep blowing.
YOU are the birds singing so sweetly.
YOU are the wings, You flutter completely.
Your songs of love uplift our Hearts.
YOU are the dragonfly, Light from the Start.
YOU are the dancer, in skies so blue.
You are the artist by just being YOU.

YOU are your spirit, your body and soul.
You are the LOVE You went looking for.

YOU are the Sun and YOU are the moon.
YOU are the ANGEL that's living in YOU

Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You


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