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“All happiness is within You”

“All happiness is within You”

There was a rich man who lost all interest in worldy life of peace and tranquility. He had everything that money could buy, but still life proved utterly meaningless to him. So, he decided to take the guidance of a Spiritual Master. Before leaving his house the man thought, “What am I going to do with all this money? Let me offer everything to the master and forget about it. What I really crave is true happiness.” So the rich man put all the gold coins he had and carried it along with him.
After a whole day’s journey, the man found the Master sitting under a tree in the outskirts of a village. He placed the moneybag in front of the Master and bowed down to him. But when he raised his head, the man was astounded to see the Master running away with the moneybag. Totally confused and startled by the Guru’s strange behavior, the rich man chased him as fast as his legs could carry him. The Master ran faster – along the fields, up and down the hills , jumping over the creeks, trampling the bushes and through the streets. It was getting dark. The Master was so familiar with the village’s narrow, winding system of paths and lanes that the rich man had great difficulty keeping up with him.
Finally, giving up all hope, the rich man returned to the same spot where he’d first met the Master. And there lay his moneybag – and hiding behind the tree was the Master. As the rich man greedily grabbed his precious bag of money, the Master peeped from behind a tree and said, “Tell me how you feel now.”
“I am happy, very happy – it’s the happiest moment in my life.”
“So,” said the Guru, “to experience real happiness, you have to go through the other extreme also.”
…However, unless you return to the source from where you originally started, real happiness won’t happen.

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