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Have you ever thought about thoughts? What they are and where they come from? Thoughts are not the product of our mind for it is incapable of producing anything. Everything already exists, even thoughts – and they do not reside in the mind. Their abode is elsewhere, not in the physical body.

Every thought is a potential manifestation. The level of consciousness of the person who is thinking is directly proportional to the ability of manifestation of his thoughts. That was the science behind the curses and blessings of the saints.

What is the source of thoughts? Sit down comfortably with eyes closed. Take yourself to a state of thoughtlessness where your mind is absolutely blank. Now slowly become aware of the first thought. Be fully aware of where this thought is coming from. Is it from within your physical form or from somewhere outside? Follow the path of this thought till you know it has come and touched your physical. Every time you do this exercise you will find that thoughts are always coming from outside, and never from within. Yog talks of blocking these thoughts to achieve a state of shunya or stillness.

The physical is a dimension. Similarly, there are other dimensions of other beings also which lie beyond the physical. Thoughts are beings, residing in another dimension, beyond. Thought already exists there, in the manomaya kosha. What we refer to as ‘thinking’ is actually connecting to that layer, those beings. When Brahma created the Universe, all kinds of thoughts were created, too. We only connect to a particular thought depending on our composition and that of the thought.

We connect to thoughts by their chakras – a sexual thought would be connected by the swadhishthan chakra. The respective chakra collects thoughts and sends it to the ajna or master chakra which translates the language of the thought world to the physical and sends it to the brain, and then the body acts. When it is said that all great men think alike it means that they are all connecting to thoughts of the same nature.

Thoughts have certain compositions, like every other object of creation; they are composed of a specific frequency of sound or colour, which is audible or visible at the time of connection. Imagination in the form of sight or sound is again connecting to the thought dimension.

Prana manifests in the form of sound or colours. Different thoughts evoke feelings of calmness, peace, cheer, romance, depression or fear, for example. Similarly, there are various compositions of colours – some are dull, depressing, and others are vibrant, pleasing, each having a different effect on the physical.

Thoughts in the form of sound and colours constantly keep the mind engaged. The mind is never still, never at rest, at any point of time. The flow of thoughts from the manomaya kosha never ceases to happen unless awareness is taken to layers beyond the thought dimension. This state is that of dhyan. When consciousness expands and reaches a state where thoughts cease to exist, you experience thoughtlessness, where you don’t realise the passage of time. You then exist in the dimension, which is above time, for here there is no time, everything that exists there is still, because time is actually the distance between two thoughts. Time is an inherent part of manifested Creation. Here a yogi goes over the boundaries of manifested Creation and so goes over ‘time’.

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